Room of the month: Bathroom

Bathrooms often get neglected as a result of busy lifestyles, so we have put together a few simple but effective tips to help set up your new bathroom.

By adding a few stylish touches, you can easily turn your bathroom into a private haven.

1) Organise

post - anthroplogie vanity items

(Image source: Anthropologie, Sourced on 25 May 2015)

It’s important to assess which items to keep in your bathroom cabinets and which ones to put on the bench space. By decluttering and organising your space, you’ll add a welcoming and spacious feel to your bathroom.

Look for cute storage solutions with natural finishes, which will not only bring order, but also add warmth to a bathroom.

2) The finer details

post - pinterest candle

(Image source: Pinterest, Sourced on 25 May 2015)

It’s the little things that help create the overall look of your bathroom. By adding fresh flowers, candles and beautiful hand soaps, you can introduce an element of sophistication.

Get creative by sourcing existing items from around the home such as empty jars, old glass candleholders, herbs and flowers from the community garden.

3) Indoor plants

post - bathroom flowers

(Image source: Etsy and Decoist, Sourced on 25 May 2015)

We also suggest introducing some indoor plants. Plants will add vibrancy and freshness into your bathroom. Succulents, orchids and aspidistra are all fairly low-maintenance options that thrive in a bathroom due to the lighting environment.

Plant them in pots that suit your bathroom style — from painted terracotta pots to metal canisters or glass vases for a terrarium style.

4) New towels

post - bathroom towels

(Image source: Homelifeto do loos and nnvote, Sourced on 25 May 2015)

Treat yourself to new towels as bathroom linen can instantly lift the look and feel of the room.

Choose fresh whites to add a clean, crisp look, or be bold and choose something bright to make a statement.