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Life at The Square

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Sustainable living

Sustainable Innovation

The Square at Woodville West is one of South Australia’s leading environmentally sustainable and responsible communities.

Every home is designed to achieve a minimum six-star energy efficient rating, with recycled water provided and solar hot water included in many of The Square’s new homes.

Whenever possible, the architects have made use of recycled pieces from the previous neighbourhood. This is evident with the iconic old red bricks used in paving, walls and landscaping.

Buildings from The Square stage 1 Villas from The Square stage 1

The history and character of Woodville West has been captured within some of the new home designs. This improves environmental sustainability by minimising the energy needed to create all-new materials.

However, it takes more than using recycled materials to be truly sustainable – The Square’s designers went even further. The Square at Woodville West is housing that meets residents’ needs today and into the future.

Many of the new homes feature wide doorways, step-less entries and spacious bathrooms – making them fully adaptable for people of all ages or those with disabilities.

Woodville West is setting the standard for suburban living. Buying land for a new build or purchasing an existing property, allows you to become apart of a vibrant and sustainable community that will help to define future new home developments.

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